Luxury retreat situated
only 1 hour from central London

Colemans Farm has been in our family for four generations

The 200 acres we farm have stayed largely unchanged for the past one and a half centuries

Our grandparents firmly believed in conservation, long before it became a mainstream initiative, and our parents have continued their work. You will see the evidence of their efforts on our farm trails, it’s a heritage we’re proud of. Our mum and dad live in the farmhouse overseeing, among other things, the arable-farmed fields.

Between us we also keep a small flock of sheep, eight chickens, five ducks, two geese, two cats (that we know of) and a dog. We know how exhausting modern life can be, and how lucky we are to wake up each day to the slower pace of the farm.

Each of our hideaways offers something different – from the expansive view from the Trap, where deer often gather in the dawn light; to the cosiness of the Coop; the three acres to yourself at the Nook; or nestling in among the branches of the Old Oak tree. But they also have something in common, and that’s the chance for some proper rest and recuperation.

We look forward to welcoming you to Colemans Farm.